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Our Disney Tips:

Travel in the off season - If you want to get the most out of your trip to the World try to schedule your vacation at a time when most kids are in school. You’ll enjoy dramatically lighter crowds and often get reduced rates on hotels or vacation homes.

Go early - Go late! We have found that even at the busiest times of year you will get much more out of your day if you get to Disney’s theme parks at opening. The first two hours are way less crowded than mid-day and you should easily be able to get onto the most popular attractions without long wait times if you get there right away. Then, around lunch time when thousands are making there way into the parks, make your way out for a nap or a dip in the pool. Come back refreshed later on and again enjoy lighter crowds and reduced wait times.

Extra Magic Hours - If you are staying off property avoid parks with extra magic hours that day. Most guests staying on Disney property will visit the park offering the Extra Magic hours that day, hence the crowds are quite a bit heavier. Choose another park and enjoy lighter crowds.

Characters greetings - If you want to spend some time taking pictures and getting autographs of your favorite Disney characters but don’t want to wait all day, try visiting Mickey’s Toontown Hall of Fame Tent in the Magic Kingdom during the last hour before the park closes. You will most likely walk in and enjoy zero wait time.

Another great Disney Character greeting spot is located in Animal Kingdom across from the Lion King Show. Visit while the Lion King Show is in progress and enjoy little or no wait time.

Money Saving Tips -

Bring snacks and water bottles with you.

When eating at counter service locations you may order a cup of water instead of bottled water or soft drinks at no charge. This will save about $2.00 per person per meal.

Order ala cart. While Disney usually lists combo meals on the menu you can order just the sandwich or entrée and avoid paying for fries if you don’t want them.

  Well, thanks for visiting and please check back as we'll continue to add more Disney tips and ideas.