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Disney Characters A - G

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A - B

Abby Mallard  Chicken Little
Abigail Gabble Aristocats          Abis Mal The Return of Jafar
Abu Aladdin                             Adella Little Mermaid                The Agent  Bolt
Agent Pleakley Lilo & Stitch
Akela The Jungle Book              Al   Toy Story                           Al the Alligator Lady & Tramp    Aladar  Dinosaur  
Aladdin Aladdin                        Alameda Slim Home On the Range
Alan-a-Dale Robin Hood            Alana The Little Mermaid
Alcmene Hercules                    Alfred Linguini Ratatouille          Ali Babba Aladdin                     Alice Alice in Wonderland          Alice's sister Alice in Wonderland 
Amelia Gabble Aristocats          Amos Slade
Amphitryon Hercules
Anastasia Cinderella                 Anda  Brother Bear                   Andrina Little Mermaid 
Andy Toy Story 
Angel Lady and the Tramp II      Angelique  Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christm.                                   Angus MacBadger Adv. of Ichabod & Mr. Toad                   Anita Radcliffe 101 Dalmations   Annette Lady & Tramp II            April Duck  House of Mouse  Apollo Hercules                                  Aquata Grey DeLisle Little Mermaid                                  Aracuan Bird Three Caballeros
Archdeacon Hunchback
of Notre Dame                          Archimedes Q. Porter Tarzan     Archimedes Sword in the Stone
Ariel Little Mermaid                   Arista Little Mermaid                 Armoire Beauty and the Beast   Arthur Sword in the Stone          Arthur Jungle Cubs                   Atka Brother Bear II 
Atropos Hercules                      Attina Little Mermaid                 Audrey the Chicken Home on the Range                                      Audrey Ramirez  Atlantis: The Lost Empire 
Aunt Sara Lady and the
Tramp                                      Aunt Siqiniq Brother Bear 2       Aunt Taqqiq  Brother Bear 2 
Aurora Sleeping Beauty
Auto Pilot Wall-E

Babette Beauty and the Beast  Babyface Beagle Duck Tales  Baby Red Bird Mickey mouse Clubhouse                         Baby Herman Roger Rabbit  Backwoods Beagle Duck Tales  Bacon Beagle Duck Tales  Baggy Beagle Duck Tales  Bagheera Jungle Book       Baker Beauty and the Beast Baloo Jungle Book          Bambi  Bambi               Bambi's Mother Bambi  Bankjob Beagle Duck Tales  Banzai The Lion King  Bartholomew Great Mouse Detective                        Bashful Snow White           Basil Great Mouse Detective  Baylene Dinosaur                Bear Bedknobs and Broomsticks                     Beary Barrington Country Bears                              Beast Beauty and the Beast  Beaver Lady and the Tramp  Bella Mickey Mouse Clubhouse                         Belle Beauty and the Beast  B.E.N. Treasure Planet         Ben Pocahontas                  Benny the Cab               Bentina Beakley Duck Tales  Beret Girl An Extremely Goofy Movie                              Berlioz The Aristocats      Bernard The Rescuers          Bert Mary Poppins                Big Al Country Bears             Big Bad Wolf Three Little Pigs  Big Momma The Fox and the Hound                                 Big Time Beagle Duck Tales  Bill the Lizard Alice in Wonderland                          Billy Bass The Aristocats    Billy Bones Treasure Planet

Bird A Bug's Life
Bo Peep Toy Story
Bomb Voyage The
Boo Monsters Inc.
Bootstrap Bill Turner
Pirates…                      Bouncer Beagle Duck Tales 
Bowler Hat Guy Meet the
Brer Bear Song of the
Brer Fox Song of the
Brer Rabbit Song of the
South                           Bradley Uppercrust III An Extremely Goofy Movie
Bruce the Shark Finding
Bruno Cinderella               Bruton Dinosaur                Brutus and Nero The Rescuers
Bubbles Finding Nemo        Buck  Home on the Range
Buck "Ace" Cluck Chicken Little                                Bucky Bug Silly Symphonies Bucky the Squirrel The Emperor's New Groove       Buford the Cook The Princess and the Frog                    Bugle Beagle DuckTales
Bullseye Toy Story           Burger Beagle DuckTales Buster Lady and the Tramp II  Butch the Bulldog Bone Trouble
Buzz Lightyear Toy Story  Buzzie the Vulture The Jungle Book


E - G

Ed The Lion King
Eddie Valiant Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Balthazar AristocatsEdna
The Incredibles
Eeyore Winnie the Pooh
Eilonwy The Black
Elastigirl The Incredibles
Emile Ratatouille
Esmeralda Hunchback of
Notre Dame
Eve Wall-E
Fairy Godmother
Father Mouse Robin Hood
Fauna Sleeping Beauty
Fflewddur Fflan The Black
Figaro Pinocchio
Fillmore Cars
Fish Out of Water
Chicken Little
Flik A Bug's Life
Flit Pocahontas
Flo Finding Nemo
Flora Sleeping Beauty
Flotsam The Little
Flounder The Little
Flow CarsFowlfellow The Fox Pinocchio
Foxy Loxy Chicken Little
Fozone The Incredibles
Francis A Bug's Life
Freckles 101 Dalmations
Frou Frou Aristocats
Fungus Monsters Inc.
Gaston Beauty and the
Genie Aladdin
George Darling Peter Pan
George Sanderson
Monsters Inc.
Georges Hautecourt
Geppetto Pinocchio
Gideon the Cat Pinocchio
Goob Meet the Robinsons
Goofy Mickey Mouse
Goosey Loosey Chicken
Gopher Winnie the Pooh
Governor Ratcliffe
Grandmother Willow
Grey Brother Jungle Book
Grimsby The Little
Grumpy Snow White
Guivo Cars
Gurgie The Black Couldron
Gypsy A Bug's Life

C - D

Cad Pig 101 Dalmations
Captain Gantu Lilo & Stitch
Captain Hook Peter Pan
Captain Phoebus
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Captain Teague Pirates of
the Caribbean
Captain of the Guard Robinhood
Casey Junior Dumbo
Cassim Aladdin
Caterpillar Alice in
Celia Monsters Inc.
Chef Louis Little Mermaid
Cheshire Cat Alice in
Chicha Emperor's New
Chicken Little Chicken
Chief Powhatan
Chip Beauty and the
Chip Mickey Mouse
Christopher Robin Winnie
the Pooh
Cinderella Cinderella
Clara Cluck Mickey
Mouse Universe
Clarabelle Cow Mickey
Mouse Universe
Cleo Pinocchio
Clopin Hunchback of
Notre Dame
Clotho Hercules
Coco 101 Dalmations
Cogsworth Beauty and
the Beast
Colette Ratatouille
Colonel Hathigh Jungle
Cornelius Robinson Meet
the Robinsons
Country Bears Country
Cruella de Ville 101
Cutler Beckett Pirates of
the Caribbean
Daisy Duck Mickey
Mouse Universe
Dallban The Black
Danny 101 Dalmations
Darling Lady and the
Dash The Incredibles
Davy Jones Pirates of the
Dex Country Bears
Dim A Bug's Life
Dina Alice in Wonderland
Dipstick 101 Dalmations
Doc Hudson Cars
Doc Snow White
Dodo Alice in Wonderland
Domino 101 Dalmations
Donald Duck Mickey
Mouse Universe
Donna Duck Mickey
Mouse Universe
Doorknob Alice in
Dopey Snow White
Dormouse Alice in
Dory Finding Nemo
Dot A Bug's Life
Drizella Cinderella
Dumbo Dumbo
Dutchess Aristocats